Science and technology revolutionizing
digital media

Results improve when you have the exceptional ability to extract complex information in order to identify areas of improvement; and the freedom and expertise to develop technological solutions that solve the problem.

A compliment to our media strategy and optimization services, it is free of charge to our full service clients. We consider this part of our job in making your business grow by precise examination of behavior, investment, and results.

Although studies are designed ad-hoc, some of these tried and tested favorites have provided the biggest returns for our clients.

Facebook conversion lift

Determine the precise “incremental” revenue generated from Facebook Advertising with basic and advanced multi cell analysis.

Google geo experiment

Identify real value of incremental conversions generated of Google Search Campaigns through a geographic region statistical study of twin regions.

Geo attribution offline

Discover the impact of online campaigns in physical locations.

MMM modeling

Conclude the repercussion of each advertising activity taking into consideration variables such as unemployment, economic activity, weather, etc.

MTA attribution

Measure attribution based on touchpoints to ensure a correct execution and distribution of your media strategy.

Tidart Data Lab consulting services

Precise attribution measurement from initial brand awareness through to conversion is key to reaching success in digital marketing. However attribution measurement becomes increasingly complex as the multi-touchpoints to today’s consumers increase. Due to insufficient data across all of the touchpoints and channels most marketers are not reaching the full potential of their digital marketing investment.

In Tidart Data Labs we have executed complex attribution studies with leading brands to ensure an appropriate distribution of funds and the return received from each of the channels.

Projects include:

Investigation and analysis of KPIs

Identification of 3rd party technical partner

Consultation and management of technical integration

Launch of campaigns with platform integration

Contact us for a consultation regarding how to impact growth through attribution.