Dynamic Ads

Today’s digital marketplace is over cluttered. Draw the attention of your audience in prospecting and retargeting with personalized image and video advertising.

AdKanvas is an open platform, which provides the freedom to adapt to the necessities and creativity of each of our clients. Our unique approach not only delivers data-driven ads based on user behavior, but takes it a step further incorporating third party data to further increase impact, engagement and conversions.

Due to a combination of data, machine learning and data-driven feeds, thousands of banners are created in real-time delivering relevant messages to each segmented audience without the need of client creative teams.

Impact specific audiences

Identify audiences with specific interests and deliver advertisements with relevant products from your catalog, showing only models that have sufficient stock at that moment. Add specific information regarding price, message, or stock availability for distinct segmentations.

Display relevant products

Display relevant products to individual audiences based on third party data such as meteorological information. Through connections to weather stations, present appropriate products such as rain boots and raincoats in regions where it is raining, and sandals or sunglasses in regions where the sun is shining. Or incorporate weather conditions at the location of your upcoming event.

Engage with custom creatives

Impact specific audiences with valuable information regarding their personal situation. Take an example of an insurance company that provides refunds to airline customers who suffer delayed or cancelled flights or lost luggage. Due to a connection to the airport management company, creatives can be delivered with specific flight information, amount of reclaim, timing to make the reclaim, etc. Targeting can be applied to audiences located within the arrival airport at the time of flight arrival.

How it works

Raw creative pieces are provided via feed
A master creative is produced including all features and typographies and approved by client
Behavioral and third party data feeds are received and incorporated into the platform
Rich personalized dynamic ads are produced and delivered