Great ideas aren’t made in boxes
... and your digital media strategy shouldn’t either.

We understand that your brand and business are unique. At Tidart, we don’t believe in solutions that come out of the box. For that reason, our services are not “one size fits all”. Our in-house team of data-scientists and developers provide personalized algorithms, bots and optimization tools tailored made to reach and exceed your objectives with 100% transparency.

Media planning

Ensure a correct execution and distribution of your budget using qualitative and quantitative data. Never based on volume buys or objectives with media channels. Only on your profitability.

Data science

Convert raw data into qualified solutions that improve your brand performance. We are experts in programming, mathematics and static modeling algorithmic tools that achieve superior optimization and grow ROI.


Optimise your data and use machine learning to improve your efficiency and results. Personalised algorithms, own bots and dynamic ads to multiply conversions.


Stay in control with your personalized dashboard providing complete transparency of every cent invested. Our only objective is your profitability.

Increase your revenue by delivering the right message at the right time.

From brand awareness to re-engagement, reach your audience across the entire customer journey. Impact individuals with personalized messages, formats and creatives using our customized technology.

Personalized dynamic ads that improve ROI and acquisition.

Deliver data-driven, tailored ads based on audience behavior. Customizable designs are generated from feeds that can include an entire catalog of products with it’s images, videos, copies, prices, sizes or inventory. Include internal or external data and the possibilities of personalization are endless.

Investigate. Analyse. Improve your results with data science.
Tidart Data Labs is the scientific and analysis department at Tidart. Our in-house team of Data Scientists focus on the analysis of productivity and profitability of your marketing investment.

We like to make things official

We invest every cent based on results. As official partners of the all the major digital channels, we are able to optimize with efficiency and in real-time to ensure optimal performance.


Case studies

When elite brands, science and technology come together, it’s a story worth telling.

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