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We are a digital agency specialized in reaching direct response objectives utilizing scientific methodology in media planning and traffic acquisition. We don’t believe in simply offering media buying, but instead provide a package of services directed at improving your conversion rates, starting with the usability of your site, creation of landing pages, traffic analysis and performance, A/B testing….

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Google Adwords

We work with Google search network as well as display. We specialize in achieving conversions and leads with firm ROAS and CPA objectives previously agreed with our clients.

Twitter Ads

We use distinct formats depending upon the objectives of each campaign and put into practice segmentation methods like “influencers”, personalized audiences or remarketing to reach your profitability goals.

Facebook Ads

The most famous social media network in the world can provide excellent results for specific direct response campaigns due to the enormous amount of information it provides about it’s users, as well as the functionality to create personalized audiences, Lookalike audiences and dynamic remarketing.

Youtube Ads

Due to being the most popular video platform worldwide, it’s ideal for achieving a broad reach for your campaigns. Additionally, it can be a key qualified traffic source as it provides various traffic segmentation options due to being part of the Google group of sites.

Linkedin Ads

The segmentation capabilities of this social network allows us to go one step further thanks to it’s relevance in the professional world, allowing us to impact audiences closely aligned to our target. It’s the perfect channel for capturing leads within specific business sectors.

Instagram Ads

We have the possibility to publish your ads in the most popular photography social network using the same campaigns, segmentation and optimization methodology as Facebook. It’s the perfect channel for campaigns with a creative component.


The social network featuring catalogues of images opens it’s doors to advertisers worldwide. Ideal for performance and branding campaigns where Brand image is most important. Fashion is one of the verticals where it can deliver most impact.

Bing Ads

Currently it’s market share is not as relevant as other networks, and coupled with a lower level of competition, it results in lower CPCs which translates into more profitable conversions due to our applied optimization methodology.


Have an Amazon store and you’d like to generate more traffic? With specific campaigns in this online shopping giant, you can multiply your sales easily only paying for new visits to your shop.


Video campaigns are ideal for improving Brand recognition. With our 100% performance vision and algorithms specialized for video campaigns, you will improve your results at the lowest cost possible.


With the use of cookies and user IDs, we are able to impact users that visited your site but did not complete the conversion objectives. It costs 8 times more to acquire a new user than maintain an existing one.


Real time bidding or RTB has been experiencing an incredible growth in the last years. This is due to the efficiency that can be obtained when complimenting RTB with the right mix of methodology and advanced optimization algorithms.

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